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The Best Bars Around… meal replacement bars, that is.

Which bar is best for your beast mode? With so many ads coming through your social feeds, which one should you “chews” (see what I did there?) with so many out there you could fill an entire aisle at the supermarket?

It’s always a struggle trying to stay healthy and eat on the go. Sometimes we don’t have the time for meal prep and need something quick, whether it’s a shake or a bar. The problem most people have is, which ones are actually healthy? With an entire aisle at the grocery store dedicated to supplements, protein bars, breakfast bars, and meal alternatives, it can be pretty overwhelming. A closer look at the ingredients and a taste test will leave you satisfied and happy you took the time to do your research.

I randomly came across, the KickStarter funded, Mammoth Bars in my Instagram feed. What really caught my attention was their tag line… “No weird stuff.” I really try to eat as clean as possible and always try to buy non-GMO and minimally processed if I can help it. My normal go to bar has been Rx Bars, but I really only like the sea salt and chocolate as all of the other ones tend to get stuck in my teeth. The texture of Mammoth Bars looked more natural looking than Rx Bars so I definitely wanted to give them a try.

When I tell you that these are probably the best food bars I’ve had in a very long time, that would be an understatement. All of their flavors were really good, but I think my favorites were the Goji Berry Trail-mix and the Macadamia Coconut. I liked the fact that you can actually taste the ingredients and it doesn’t taste like a mashed up mix of stuff you can’t decipher.

Eating some of the other meal bars, I’ve noticed that they tend to eliminate hunger by the endless chewing and ultimately exhausting your jaw and you really just don’t feel like eating anymore. With Mammoth Bar, I can actually say that I felt satisfied.

It’s pretty cool to see that being that they are handcrafted in small batches with actual raw foods. RAW FOODS… meaning they are perishable with a shelf life of about 4-6 months (in the fridge). You can’t really say that with too many others on the market. Shipped from the website in boxes of 10 or sold individually at some stores and coffee shops around the country, they come in on the higher end of the price scale when it comes to meal replacement bars averaging at about $3 each for probably the cleanest bar on the planet. Now, if you care about what you’re putting in your body they are totally worth it. Energy sustaining with quality ingredients that actually tastes great – I couldn’t ask for more.

You can learn more or buy your Mammoth Bars here!

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