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Liscio Lemonade

Ditch the sidewalk lemonade stand and get ready to ring in the new year with a party in your mouth! Sometimes a good cocktail is all you need to make a bad day get better. Nothing says refreshing like lemonade. This lemonade hits the spot by itself, but mixing it with vodka or tequila will bring you back to the summer on the beach with your friends!

This will probably be the easiest thing featured on any food site to make! Which means there is no excuse not to try it! If I ever order a lemonade anytime I go out I always have to water it down by about half. Almost every lemonade has way too much sugar in it. I feel that lemonade is supposed to quench your thirst and almost all commercially sold lemonade is so sweet that it seems to dry your mouth out. There is so much sugar in the drinks that people consume that they are gaining weight just from a drink! That is absolutely crazy to me.

Cut the sugar, boost your metabolism, and keep all the taste with this simple drink. Add some booze, and you are set to smile any day of the week!

Liscio Lemonade


1 quart filtered water
4 lemons (washed)
2 sprigs fresh mint
2 teaspoons organic stevia (more if you would like it sweeter, but a little stevia goes a long way)
2 cups vodka or tequila

Start off with a large pitcher of filter water and mix in stevia until fully dissolved. Add lemon juice and 2 halves of the actual lemons. At this point, if you’d like it sweeter you may add more stevia until desired sweetness is achieved. Now you’re ready to add mint and booze!

Serve over ice, kick back, and enjoy!

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